Luxury Cat Products

What do cats and dogs have in common? Both are man’s best friend. Owners take them to bed, cuddling the felines like a pillow. People take good care of them the way parents look after their children. Thus, cats enjoy the amenities kids adore.

Aside from being stress relievers, cats are easy to take care and eat what their masters hand out. For stressed out individuals, cats keep you company and make you feel a whole lot better. Treating the animal comfortably means buying things that thrills the pet.

Influenced by celebrities coddling pets at events, affluent owners shower extravagant gifts to their “children.” Luxury items for animals are considered upscale. Instead of pet stores, you can find upscale merchandise at malls, pet boutiques or online. Wealthy people barely take into account costs, so classy items appeal to them regardless of the amount.  From furniture to beds, high end cat products present an ever growing market in the industry.


Fantasy Forests
You can find a fantasy forest for cats made of luxury fiber, fur and fabric bark that gives felines the virtual reality experience. They feel more at home in a natural environment.  Such intimacy translates into hours of pleasurable commune with nature. Animals prefer hanging out in their natural environment. When cats climb up walls or posts, they wish it was a tree.

The lil’ Hickory Cat Tree you can shop at lets you choose among a $389 luxury fur, $439 wood and $489 with upgrades included. The trees weigh about 45 pounds. For $779 you can own an Old Cypress cat tree complete with luxury furs on the platform and secret spaces.

When your cats play in your forest tree which comes in several varieties such as the hidden hollow, fantasy and magical, you will be surprised.  Your cat could spend more time going up and down the trees. The feline can also take a nap on the branch shaded by light green or orange maple leafs. Your pet might just ignore you like children barely noticing parents once they enter the playhouse.

If kids revel thrilling themselves at a playground, cats can follow in the youngsters’ footsteps. introduces numerous playgrounds to choose from.

At $444, the cat castle is a modular playhouse. The stairs on both ends are joined together by a bridge. The ecstatic pet will relish the countless time it tramples up and down the staircase or keep on crossing the bridge. The stairway to cat heaven, another modular playground, shows stairs left and right. On top you can see a chair that resembles a throne. Your cat can ascend and descend as often as it wishes. The pet could go back and forth endlessly. Once again, if the cat is caught up in its revelry, it might snub you.

Condominiums and Gyms
Cats do live in condominiums. Condos are shaped out of the ordinary. The $899 Sinking Titanic Cat Condo has a 3-level condo, complete with tunnels where your cat and its friends can play inside. You can also see rooms and a pad.

Priced similarly, the Deluxe Dollhouse Condo is equipped with a staircase that leads to the 2-storey playhouse where 3 or more felines can frolic. They can even exercise the way we do. At $419.99, the gym reaches a few feet away from the ceiling.  Ensure your ceiling because a 7-foot high fitness center can cause your cat’s head to hit the ceiling.  You can choose out of the many cat condo varieties – the pinnacle, treehouse, kitty, felines flat and deluxe cat sleeper gyms.

Cat Beds
Do you want a very luxurious cat bed? Designers made beds even people would love to sleep on. Perhaps the most extravagant luxury bed for cats is the $1,600 bed with a table on the side, cat food filled bowl plus pillows tailor fit for the feline’s head.

Why is the bed’s cost so expensive? The paradise wood bed’s materials are hard to find and super comforting, no wonder the price seems beyond reach. If you are a celebrity or a millionaire, why not try it? You can sleep together. Indeed, no luxury cot could match the recently launched posh bed.

A much cheaper option would be the doggie and cat bed and bath. Shell out $429 dollars to avail of a 2 sleeping quarters. There’s one on top then below, where a heart-shaped entrance leads to the basement sleeping area. The surface is covered with vinyl. Sealed with silicone, you need not worry a lot when they answer the call of nature. The floor is easy to clean.

Cats deserve a lavish lifestyle too.  What the master possess, the pet also gets hold of.  Owners can buy their cats a Kitty walk Town and Country Package for $329.95 or a $329.95 Kitty walk Gazebo. Take you kitten for a stroll around the garden using the $399.95 Sport Trike Pet Stroller.

Rich owners desire in showering opulent stuff for cats and other animals might seem impractical. However, when you adore something, putting a price tag hardly concerns you. If a millionaire has money to spend, why not indulge? Thinking of pets as people gives the animals the privilege of availing what their masters indulge on.

Other designer cat items include diamond collars, signature bags and carriers, playhouses equipped with flat screen television and stereos. Pets dine at restaurants, take a cruise or eat expensive food and wear clothes fabricated  by well-known designers.

When the rich go on vacation, pets have separate quarters. They pay the same amount, which include amenities. Owners spend a similar amount during trips to faraway places, whether it’s a plane fare or a luxury liner cruise. Giving love and affection is priceless.  For those who can afford, it’s the satisfaction they feel that matters, not the price.  After all, pets shower their masters with love and affection. In tough moments, they never leave their masters behind. You don’t put material value on loyalty and gratitude.

Neat Things for Your Stylish Feline

Cat Accessories

Cats are considered one of the most regal of animals in all of the animal kingdom. They require pampering and only the best of the best when it comes to their needs. There are a lot of things that a cat needs – from food, clothing, pet care products and other little bits and pieces when it comes to their welfare. So what are the neatest luxury items that you can get for your feline pal? Here are just some of the things that you should take a look at.

Woven Leather Pet Carrier

Coming from the glorious handiwork of B. Winston Designs, the Woven Leather Pet Carrier is a handy addition to your feline arsenal. Made in Los Angeles, California and using only the finest materials, it’s considered one of the best, if not the best, pet carrier in the market. The Woven Leather Pet Carrier is made from 100% genuine leather – that’s right, 100% pure and genuine leather. It’s made from Genuine Hand Tooled Leather, so that means you won’t have a hard time carrying it around as well.

Inside the leather carrier is an ultra-plush pillow plus a removable and washable cover for the comfort of your cat. With its stylish design and functionality, it ensures the comfort of your feline friend and secures him or her in the most luxurious way possible whenever you travel. Bring class around when you go out to travel. The Woven Leather Pet Carrier is also equipped with a double zippered front closure with extra turn locks for security and a fully lined leather interior. Coming at $1,549.95, it’s certainly an excellent addition for your cat.

Snoozer Luxury Sofa Pet Bed – Extra Large / Memory Foam / Red SN-69535

Always troubled when your feline friend stays on your couch and leaves all the fur? You won’t have to worry anymore when you get your cat his or her very own sofa. The Snoozer Luxury Sofa Pet Bed is a marvel creation that just exhumes comfort to a whole new level. It’s made, not from 1 or 2 or 3 but 7 layers of foam padding, making it incredibly soft and comfortable to lay upon. The Luxury Pet Sofa is considered as the ultimate option in pet bedding and lounging – perfect for you regal cat. With a number of designer microfiber fabrics that you can choose from, you’ll be sure to find the color that will suit the color, atmosphere and design of your home.

Snoozer’s Luxury Pet Sofa is also made from machine washable designer fabrics so you won’t have a hard time when it comes to cleaning it up. It’s also equipped with a rear zipper that makes the cover convenient and easy to care for. With an upgrade for the High Tech Memory Foam available for orthopedic pet purposes, the Luxury Pet Sofa truly sets the bar high in pet comfort. Get it at $453.92, it’s a wonder in its own right.

PetPals Group Luxurious Recycled Paper Cat House

Providing a home for your cat is one of the most important things that you need to do as a pet owner. Providing a place where your cat can have fun is also another important thing that you have to consider. But what if you can bring both? That’s right.

With PetPals Group Luxurious Recycled Paper Cat House, your pet felines will have a place where they can climb, leap, play and enjoy while also getting a place where they can rest up. It’s a multi-level cat tree that’s made from recycled paper and fleece – bringing you a great option when it comes to an environmentally friendly home for your cat. As a playhouse and home at $449.99, it’s something you should get.

Luxury Beds for Cats: Is it Worth the Price?

People connect with their pets in ways that resemble human friendship. As a result, they shower their animal friends lavish presents to make them extra comfortable. Gifts range from fantasy forests, beds, playgrounds, clothing and even jewelries. We usually find these items at pet boutiques and online stores.

Despite an unstable economy, the market for extravagant pet accessories exist. It shows that even during tough times, owners still prioritize their pet’s luxurious lifestyle. Owners, especially those who lacked loved ones to keep them company, spend a lot for their animal pals.

Cat Accessories

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Expensive Cat Trees

Cats curl around you. They always stay beside their owners. When they swirl in your lap, their jolly actions relax the senses. They are ideal companions because of the feline’s gentleness. Much lighter than dogs, cats are easier to carry. Meows sound gentler than barks. Pets have a unique way of connecting with their owners, relieving them of stress and loneliness. Thus, they shower pets with affection. Masters buy things that satisfy their animal friends.

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A Cat Tree House for Your Pet

If we are to put percentages with people who have pets at their respective houses, definitely one can get a number that’s more than 70% of the population. There are just people who love somebody whom they can depend on.

Cat Accessories

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